Eulerroom Equinox 2020

March Equinox (3:50am Fri 20th March, and surrounding days)

PRE-EVENT: 29th February


Sheffield (18 to 20h): DINA, free, sign uprequired

Buenos Aires (14 to 17h): Centro Cultural de la Ciencia, free, no singup required.

Algomech Panel on Distributed Culture

This panel will explore the past, present and future of distributed events, taking input from artists, scientists and activists. We will explore ways of making use of the internet to connect communities, to create international events that are inclusive, diverse and promote cultural exchange. This discussion will be against the backdrop of ecological breakdown, while looking to take on the challenge of making new spaces for cultural exchange. It will close with an international performance from members of the live coding community in Argentina, Brasil, Indonesia and more.


Julian Oliver

(Berlin), critical engineer, technologist and artist, recently came out as responsible for the communications infrastructure behind the Extinction Rebellion movement.

Marta Dillon

(Buenos Aires) Member of the "Ni Una Menos" (NUM) movement, started by a collective of Argentine fourth-wave feminist to protest against a broad-spectrum of gender-based violence against women, and which has since spread across several Latin American countries.

Prof. Richard Parncutt

(Graz), is responsible for developing the successful distributed hub model for the ICMPC conference.

Iris Saladino

(Buenos Aires) Programmer and UXer, member of CLiC (Colectivo de Live Coders). This will be a practical session, exploring ways of online collaboration through code, with coders from India, Indonesia, Brazil, Colombia and Argentina.

Live Coding? TOPLAP?

Live Coding is an artistic technique by which music or visuals are generated and modified by writing lines of code in different programming languages, giving instructions to the sound or video cards in the computers where the script is ejecuted. You can check all the existing languages here.

TOPLAP stands for "Temporary Organisation for the Proliferation of Live Art Programming" or "Transdimensional Organisation for the Parsimony of Live Art Programming" but if you want further info you better go here.


An equinox is a day when the whole world gets 12 hours of sunlight. The March equinox marks the beginning of autumn in the southern hemisphere and spring in the northern hemisphere.

For March Equinox 2020 we will celebrate sixteen years of the TOPLAP live coding community with a nonstop online stream, over 20th-22nd March.

If you want to contribute to the stream, you can do that either as an individual from your home/studio/workplace/local cafe etc, or from an organised event.

This is an open call for:

  • Local Events
    Want to organise an algorave, symposium, live art action, roundtable discussion or something else in your locality? Want to stream it to the worldwide live coding community?
  • Streamed Events/

    Networked performance
    Or perhaps an online event, using collaborative software?
  • Talks/

    Want to show something old or new, relating to live coding? You can speak in whatever language you prefer.
  • Performances
    Want to share your live coding with the world? Contributions from people new to the scene are welcome.
  • Reviewers
    Let's form a diverse team of people giving constructive comments on submissions!
  • Volunteers
    Want to help out? For example with translation of texts (including this call!), transcription / translation of talks, editing of videos, sharing news, and general organising... We need you to make this happen!
If you are an organiser, please, fill this form or if you are an streamer, please, fill this form.

No proposal will be rejected on the basis of merit. Proposals may be rejected in certain circumstances, for example for being a) against the code of conduct, b) completely unrelated to the field of live coding. On the second point, proposals which stretch the definition of live coding are very welcome.